06 August 2023
Congregation update from the Minister


As you know, last Sunday marked the closure of Cromarty West Church. Although the building won't be used, the congregation still exists, and can worship with us in Culbokie or with the congregation in Rosemarkie. Officially I'm still the parish minister there as well.

There still several steps in the process of ending Cromarty's linkage with Culbokie. The first is a set of presbytery led meetings to finalize the basis of union between Cromarty, Fortrose, Rosemarkie, and Avoch. Once that's completed, it will be approved by the presbytery, and a service of union held. Until that time, Cromarty is still linked with Culbokie and will meet it's shared financial obligations. Alongside that, the Church of Scotland Trustees will initiate the process to sell Cromarty Church. At the same time, I still have pastoral care and oversight of Cromarty, until those steps are complete. 

That effort is being mirrored in Munlochy as Knockbain Parish Church prepares to close. Their final service is mid-September. Following that, the presbytery will coordinate a set of meetings to finalize the union between Culbokie (officially Resolis & Urquhart) and Knockbain. While that's happening, Rev. Susan Cord with continue to serve the church and community of Munlochy. 

Closer to home, these changes won't have an immediate impact on Sunday services in Culbokie; although some people from these congregations might choose to worship with us on Sundays. At this point I'm not sure how many, if any, are going to do that. Other than when I'm on holiday, I'll still take the services in Culbokie now, and once the changes are complete.

Given how new all this is, I'm not sure how smooth this process will go. We just need to be flexible as all this takes place. I'll update you further as the plan progresses and more information becomes available.




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