Conducted by Rev Terry Burns

The Order of Service is available and can be printed if you'd like. That way you have at least a sense of gathering and being in church - even though you're in your living room. You can also re-use it later in the week as a meditative/reflective study aid as you read your Bible.

Scripture reading: Psalm 46

Scripture reading: Revelation 3:7-10

Some background information regarding the live-streaming can be found here as prepared by Cindy B.

In some senses this mimics the Sunday experience of Christians in worship restricted countries, and it helps us appreciate the opportunity we normally have to actually gather as congregations. Just as importantly, we can use this as an outreach opportunity, and invite people who don't usually come to church to "tune in" so to speak. 

The following text was written in March 2020 and here we are in September 2020 and it still applies! The next 8-12 weeks are going to be increasingly difficult, but it's also the forge where our faith will be shaped and made real. So along with worshipping this Sunday, please make a concerted effort to stay connected by phone, email, or correspondence. Additionally, the various shortages we're experiencing are also a perfect opportunity to live out the Gospel in a material way , just as St. Paul's (2 Corinthians 8:7-15) and St. James (2:14-17) remind us. Self-sufficency is not a Christian - or congregational - trait.

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