05 December 2021
News from the recent Session and Board meeting.

1. Covid update The latest updated information from the Church of Scotland website was discussed. It is essential that we fully comply with the recommendations and advice from Church of Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Bring a blanket on Sunday? Ventilation, taking a register, cleaning routine and wearing a mask were all stressed as being essential. It was noted that as a result of the doors and windows being open people may feel cold. Hence the suggestion that folks bring a blanket to church. It was also noted that the post service is now permitted. It was agreed to review this after Christmas.

There are still several restrictions in place for the serving of a cuppa.

2. New members It is always lovely to welcome new faces to church. Information about transferring membership from one church to another church can be discussed with the minister, any of the elders or myself. Along with the transfer of the ‘lines’, the GDPR forms must be completed in order for the church to hold personal information. Since re-opening it has been a pleasure to welcome 6 new members to Culbokie Church Centre.

3. Livestreaming. As the weeks pass so too are the gremlins. However, we are not completely free from these glitches. (They create frustrations and a few wrinkled brows but working together and sharing solutions are helping.) It is worth noting that unlike other churches we are sharing the equipment between 2 quite different buildings with the result that folks operating the equipment are still on a learning curve. The Board fully appreciate the efforts of Cindy and her band of operators.

4. Chairs with arms A request for some chairs with arms was discussed and passed. Hopefully, in the new year, there will be a few chairs with arms. I am awaiting confirmation of costs and delivery times (some delivery notices indicated a timescale of 8- 12 weeks!)

5. Reverse Advent Calendar for Blythswood –watch this space for more photographs of the outstanding gifting from our wee church.

6. Advance notice: Christmas Watchnight service will be livestreamed from Cromarty. Whilst, a white Christmas is lovely to look at, it is perhaps less so if you are travelling out and about. Sitting in the comfort of your own home may not be the same as sharing the peace and blessing of a Watchnight service in the church but as we have learnt over the past 18 months, the Christian message can be delivered by technology. Please note: Culbokie Church Centre will not be open for Watchnight Service Christmas Day service will be livestreamed from Culbokie Church Centre. Communion will be served.

7. Church decorating Sincerest thanks to members of the Board and Session for the decorating of the church: a lovely moment or two of fellowship, Christmas chatter and hard work.

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