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Jonie Yoder wrote the following article:

While Jesus lived on this earth, He took little children in His arms and blessed them (Mark 10:16). And he is still in the child-embracing ministry today. My friend told me about a touching conversation between her two grandchildren. Five-year-old Matthew said to Sarah, age three, “I talk to Jesus in my head!” She responded. “I don't – I just cuddle Him!” Many other children of God, much older ones, have experienced His unseen everlasting arms around them and beneath them. Brother Lawrence, the seventeenthh-century monk known for sensing the presence of God amid the pots and pans in the monastery's kitchen, spoke of being “known of God and caressed by Him.” And Hudson Taylor, the pioneer missionary to China, scrawled this note as he neared the end of his life: “I am so weak that I cannot work; I cannot read my Bible; I cannot even pray. I can only lie still in God's arms like a child and trust.” God wants us to nestle close to Him in childlike trust, whether young or old, strong or weak. In response, through His indwelling Spirit, He draws us to Himself to comfort and to bless. Have you and God had a hug of the heart today?   

We are all meant to be active from time to time for God and the kingdom; and not only active but anxious for love to survive the ego trips and the extremism of those who think the kingdom is about them, not the Lord.    

Sun. Pray that Christians will be a witness to their neighbours during this election: Commit to the Lord, all the local wards in our constituency    by name.
Mon. Pray for the local council staff responsible for all the Polling Day arrangements: Ask God to grant wisdom, unity and vision to churches as they plan hustings events.
Tues. Pray for husting events to be well attended and that candidates will be impacted by the views of local Christians: Ask God to grant us wisdom and guidance as we consider which party to vote for.
Wed. Pray for the safety of volunteers canvassing, delivering leaflets and campaigning in public areas.
Thu. Commit to our Heavenly Father every candidate standing for election, their families and their supporters: Lift to the Lord, The Party Leaders. Ask Him to help them to present their beliefs and proposals clearly in debates on radio, television and online.
Fri. Pray for the safety and welfare of Party Leaders and other    politicians as they make their final campaign visits around the country: Intercede for the candidates standing in our constituencies.
Sat. Praise the Lord for raising up godly people who can make a positive difference in society: Ask the Holy Spirit to raise up a diverse range of candidates to allow everyone to feel represented.

Sun.  24 Nov. Acts 16:6-15 Forbidden by the Spirit    
Mon. 25 Nov. Genesis 12:10-20 Abraham blunders
Tue.  26 Nov. Genesis 29:15-30 Jacob marries wrong wife
Wed. 27 Nov. Genesis 37:12-28 A caravan of Ishmaelites
Thu.  28 Nov. Matthew 2:13-23 The Holy Family escapes
Fri.    29 Nov. Mark 7:24-34 Jesus' mind is changed
Sat.   30 Nov. Exodus 32:7-14 God repents

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