Our thanks, as ever, go to Maureen for providing us with this material.

The Cross unquestionably is the badge of the Christian faith. That in itself is remarkable, since it was the cruelist form of execution known in the ancient world until it was eventually banned in the fifth century AD. What other society has as its symbol a horryifying instrument of torture and death – especially when the marks of that society are meant to be love and peace?
Somebody once expressed the curious paradox of the cross in this way:

The cross is a picture of violence, yet the key to peace;
       a picture of suffering, yet the key to healing;
       a picture of death, yet the key to life;
       a picture of utter weakness, yet the key to power;     
       a picture of capital punishment, yet the key to mercy and forgiveness;
       a picture of vicious hatred, yet the key to love;
       a picture of supreme shame, yet the Christian's supreme boast.        
[Taken from Each new Day with David Watson – Monarch Books]

Sun.   8 Sept. Genesis 1:1-10, 20-22 The waters of creation
Mon.  9 Sept. Job 38:1-18 The proud waves are stopped
Tue. 10 Sept. Job 38:19-38 Who has the wisdom to number the clouds
Wed.11 Sept. Psalm 93 The floods roar
Thu.12 Sept. Mark 4:35-41 Jesus stills the waves
Fri.  13 Sept. Ezekiel 47:1-12 A river of fresh water
Sat.  14 Sept. Revelation 22:1-5 The river of the water of life  

The cross is where we find peace of mind, healing of  relationships, forgiveness for ourselves, and the strength to forgive others, it is God's power over all forces of evil.

Sun. Uphold Ewan Paterson and Teddy Reeves in your prayers as they go off to university to further their education.
Mon. Ask our Heavenly Father to prepare us to respond to those in trouble. Give thanks for the state provision available in our country, although sadly many fall through the cracks. Ask Him to position churches, charities and others who care, to be there to offer practical support and loving kindness.
Tues. Pray for those working in public services helping disadvantaged, vulnerable people. May those with heavy caseloads and scant resources be granted extra strength and encouragement to do their demanding jobs.
Wed. Remember the 13 million UK adults who have a recognised disability. Give thanks that so many lead normal, productive lives. Ask the Lord to encourage and provide for the many others who need help and have suffered due to austerity measures in recent years.
Thurs. Bring to our Loving God, the vulnerable who suffer abuse    in their care homes. Pray that further instances be exposed and those guilty brought to justice. Ask Him to comfort the victims of this inhumane treatment.
Fri. Remember carers who are poorly paid and lack the time and respources to properly look after their patients. Pray that this situation be taken seriously so that improved support is given to these people who are a lifeline to those for whom they care.
Sat. MAF need an Area Director of Maintenance to ensure that MAF planes in Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan are airworthy. Pray that God will supply the right person.

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